A Life of Leadership: Victoria Pelletier’s Road to Success

Victoria Pelletier, an award-winning executive leader and best-selling author, joins us to share her extraordinary journey to the top echelons of corporate leadership. From her groundbreaking role as a Chief Operating Officer at just 24 years old to her current endeavors as an author and speaker, Victoria’s story is an inspiring testament to resilience and determination. She recounts the unique challenges she faced as the youngest executive, the only woman, and a member of the LGBT community, along with the strategies she employed to overcome imposter syndrome and build high-performing teams. Victoria’s tales of early work experiences, leadership in team sports, and the profound influence of her upbringing provide a fascinating backdrop to her leadership style and relentless drive.

In our conversation, Victoria opens up about her experiences navigating age and gender bias, offering insights into how she earned respect and built trust among older team members through mutual respect. She also tackles the persistent issue of sexism in the corporate world, sharing her approach to promoting diversity and equity in the workplace. We delve into her personal story of resilience, from managing 40 corporate mergers to enduring a tumultuous divorce, all while maintaining her goal-oriented mindset. Victoria’s first public sharing of her story on International Women’s Day marked a significant turning point, leading her to embrace her journey as a powerful tool to inspire others. This episode is a treasure trove of valuable lessons and strategies for anyone aspiring to rise through the ranks of executive leadership.