Victoria is one of those rare, impactful speakers who you hear once,and remember.

She brings her authenticity, her passion, and her smarts, in a way that connects, resonates, and moves the audience.


Unstoppable: Curating a Life

of #NoExcuses

Victoria will share her personal and professional journey of overcoming extreme adversity including childhood abuse and trauma to live a life with a #NoExcuses philosophy, becoming a successful Corporate Executive by age 24, an author and Brand & Networking Champion.
She will share personal and professional development lessons and practical actions for growth and advancement.

Key Insights:

Highly motivational/inspirational.
Actionable insight and lessons for personal and professional growth


Influence Unleashed: Forging a Lasting Legacy Through Personal Branding

Elevate Your Career and Legacy:
Unleash the Power of Authentic Personal
Branding and Strategic Networking.

Join Victoria as she shares personal stories and actionable insights on crafting your unique brand, building, and nurturing a powerful network and harnessing it for lasting success.

Key Insights:

Gain insights into the essential elements of a brand, common pitfalls, and practical steps to kickstart your journey today.


Embracing the Now: Empowered Employees and the Evolution of Whole Human Leadership

The Future of Work: It’s Already Here, It’s About Purpose, and It Demands a New Breed of Leadership. Today, the future of work isn’t a distant concept; it’s our present reality.

It’s no longer solely about the ‘where’ of work but, more crucially, the ‘why’ and ‘for whom.’ Empowered employees seek purpose-driven companies and leaders who align with their values, ushering in a need for a distinct style of leadership.

Join Victoria as she delves into compelling data, evolving expectations, and the boundless opportunities to revolutionize the workforce.

Key Insights:

Tangible guidance and practical recommendations for a workforce transformation that leaves a lasting impact.


Healthy Resilience: Navigating Adversity & Challenge to Shift from Survival to Thriving

Explore the transformative power of healthy resilience with practical strategies for cultivating resilience, not only as a tool for surviving but as a foundation for thriving.

Through a blend of personal anecdotes and evidence-based practices, Victoria demonstrates how to harness resilience to navigate adversity, drive positive change, and achieve sustainable success.

Key Insights:

Highly motivational and inspiration. Will provide actionable steps to develop a Healthy Resilience to empower you to face challenges with strength and grace.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – A Culture of Strategic Intentionality

While many companies talk about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), few succeed in making it an intrinsic part of their organizational culture.

In this keynote, Victoria delves into strategies that enable organizations to authentically cultivate a high-performing DEI culture. 

She also addresses the crucial aspect of unconscious bias, provides insights on educating and engaging employees and explores innovative technological solutions for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment.

Furthermore, Victoria shares her personal journey, shedding light on her experience as the youngest executive, LGBTQ community member, and the sole woman at the corporate table, providing inspiration and actionable takeaways for all.

Key Insights:

Practical steps for crafting effective DEI strategies and tactics that drive tangible progress, shifting the dialogue from mere discussion to quantifiable action.

What people are saying


Victoria is a prolific speaker, whose personal story carries so much strength, that she leaves her audience breathless and wanting more.”

— Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, Executive


Victoria has been a popular speaker at our events because she is a master networker and has the ability to explain how she is able to accomplish or overcome adversity.”

— Dina Barazza, Founder, Avanti Women


Victoria’s professional journey and accomplishments are impressive, and her personal story is truly inspirational.”

— Miglena Nikolova, IBM Canada

Victoria Pelletier

As a professional host/MC, entrepreneur, podcaster and investor, I get to work with and hear a lot of speakers. Victoria is most definitely a cut above. And her speech matters. It inspires everyone to recognise and own their personal journeys and pathways. It instills a sense of personal and collective pride in owning our individual talents.

And it truly teaches us the meaning of resilience. You can hear a pin drop as the audience hangs on her every word. And then the energy shifts as she generously fielded the many questions from the floor – ranging from professional and personal career development, her own story of resilience to concerns about ‘can we have it all’. Oh and over cocktails, you couldn’t get close as she took the time with delegates, all keen to ask just one more question and everyone came away buzzing, inspired and curious for more.”
— Julia Streets, Founder and CEO, MC, Podcast Host

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