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Want to hear more of my story?


About the book

Want to hear more 
of my story?

I am honoured to be a contributing author to “Unstoppable” – a new book featuring stories of professionals and entrepreneurs who have embraced this way of living and are unstoppable in life and in business.

Many of you have heard me refer to it as 
my #NoExcuses mantra and philosophy!




the book

My chapter – “The Courage to Live” is where I share details of overcoming tremendous obstacles growing up, building resilience and have the courage to live and lead. 

Here’s a brief excerpt:

‘You don’t have to possess a golden pedigree to be unstoppable. In my opinion, the key to being unstoppable is to leverage the lessons and callouses we acquire in the craziness, using them to fuel our desire to learn, to earn, to lead, and to make our marks on the world.”

Unstoppable is already a #1 bestseller on Amazon!

Be Unstoppable today

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What will I gain from this book?


A clear understanding how to integrate your life experiences and professional achievements into a powerful personal brand.


Strategies to make authentic connections that transcend business transactions, fostering lasting relationships in your industry.


The tools to craft a narrative that not only showcases your expertise, but also your unique leadership qualities and values.


Insights into leveraging your personal brand to create opportunities and pave the way for the next phase of your career.

It isn’t just a book ––it’s an investment in your future.

It’s about harnessing the power of your unique story 
to create a brand that stands the test of time. 

Let Victoria guide you in shaping a legacy that is 
not only successful, but also meaningful and fulfilling.

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