“Victoria is a prolific speaker, whose personal story carries so much strength, that she leaves her audience breathless and wanting more.”

The Choice to Lead

No stranger to the corporate board room, by the time Victoria was 24 years old, she was COO of a multinational corporation.  Now with 20+ years in corporate leadership, Victoria has held senior roles in companies such as AON, American Express, and IBM.

Wife, Mom, Corporate Executive

Victoria’s message is that we CAN have it all, as long as we live a life of #NoExcuses.  Victoria proves that it IS possible to have a life in which women CAN succeed as a mom, as a corporate executive, as a spouse, and much more.

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No Excuses

Victoria has never let circumstances stand in her way.  Growing up in an abusive home until she was removed and later adopted, Victoria’s childhood was filled with abuse, sexual assault, and physical violence.  But none of that has stopped her.  Victoria has overcome tremendous odds to pursue a life of corporate success and leadership.  It’s easy to let our circumstances stand in our way.   But we don’t have to.  Circumstances of our past only rob us of our future if we let them.  Victoria chose not to let her circumstances be her excuses.


By age 24, Victoria was offered her first executive role with a large, dynamic and fast paced organization. Yes, that’s dreadfully young to have such accountability and responsibility. It was her tenacity of spirit, her confidence that she could do the job, and her grit to see that she could rise to the occasion, empowered by the leaders around her that led to her success.

LGBTQ Positive

As a member of the LGBTQ community, Victoria knows about diversity and inclusion, and why one without the other is of little value.  It’s not enough to have other voices at the table when those opinions aren’t being heard.  Victoria’s messages have stemmed from her struggle, and success, in being accepted as a woman in the male dominated board room, and as a member of the LGBTQ community.

What People Are Saying

“Victoria is a prolific speaker, whose personal story carries so much strength, that she leaves her audience breathless and wanting more."
Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson
Executive at TD Bank
"Victoria has been a popular speaker at our events because she is a master networker and has the ability to explain how she is able to accomplish or overcome adversity."
Dina Barazza
Founder, Avanti Women
"Victoria's professional journey and accomplishments are impressive, and her personal story is truly inspirational."
Miglena Nikolova
IBM Canada

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