Here’s to the Misfits

Here’s to the Misfits So many from earlier generations pined for the Christmas special Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Do you remember it? Jerky Claymation, goofy songs, hokey lines about teamwork, individuality, and Christmas spirit? Watching it now, you might

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Launch Windows

Launch Windows As a new resident of Florida, I’ve put the Kennedy Space Center on the bucket list. I wouldn’t say I’m a space or rocket person per se, but since I’m here, I might as well take in the

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The Awesome Boss

The Awesome Boss The Dutch language has a precise word for the kind of employers most employees would like to have. Werkgeverschap. Don’t try to pronounce the word, just appreciate what it means. A werkgeverschap is an “awesome boss,” the

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Reshaping Power to Raise the Bar on Culture

Reshaping Power to Raise the Bar on Culture Several years ago, then start-up Uber sacked its CEO and cofounder, Travis Kalanick. Culture had become so bad under his leadership, that Uber’s board had brought in former US Attorney General Eric

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Fear, Failure, Forward

Fear, Failure, Forward As his battle with cancer was ending, the late, great Steve Jobs said this about fear and failure: “Remembering that I’ll be

Overcoming the Revolving Door

Overcoming the Revolving Door The scribbled sign on the door said it all: Closed due to staffing shortage. While I’ve become accustomed to seeing this

Naming, Mending, Inclusivity

Naming, Mending, Inclusivity Kintsugi is the Japanese art of “Gold Mending.” When a precious ceramic item is damaged, an artisan painstakingly reattaches the pieces with